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Who is IV Solutions RX?

IV Solutions RX is a Specialty Home Infusion Pharmacy that provides medication and comprehensive support to help your patients manage their complex health conditions. You know the complexity of these specialty conditions, treatment procedures, and medications require an elevated level of care complete with consultations, education, specialist advice, and constant support to ensure treatments have the best chance of success. That is what we do. 

Throughout the United States, providers have preferred IV Solutions RX for their patients because of our:

  • Easy referral process for the prescriber using E-Prescribing, Fax, or online options.
  • Ability to manage the Prior Authorization process. 
  • Caring and highly qualified team of professionals available anytime, any day.
  • Access to reliable sources for consistent access to the medications your patients require to treat their complex conditions.
  • Precision and accuracy throughout the delivery process, from delivery to administration of specialty medications.
  • Commitment to success with a step-by-step approach using as core principles constant communication with your patients and you using information sharing technologies backed by a caring team of professionals providing your patients with excellent service, disease and product education, and ongoing guidance and support.
  • Comprehensive financial assistance program knowledge that we use on your patient’s behalf. 
  • Ability to provide medications almost everywhere. We currently have Pharmacy licensure in 48 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Easy referral process. We make it easy for your doctor and you to communicate with us.
  • Ability to manage your insurance company’s required preapproval authorization process. 
  • Caring and highly qualified team of professionals are available for you anytime, any day. When you call IV Solutions RX, you will talk with a real person, not an answering machine.
  • Medication supply is reliable and consistent. We have the medication, supplies, and nursing required to treat your complex condition.
  • Precision and accuracy throughout the delivery process. We manage every aspect of your specialty medication therapy from delivery to administration. 
  • Comprehensive financial assistance knowledge that we can use on your behalf to try to minimize your personal financial burden from the therapy. 
  • Ability to provide medications almost everywhere. We currently have Pharmacy licenses  in 47 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Proven years of experience in specialty pharmacy

IV Solutions RX was founded by healthcare industry veterans with over 70 years of combined experience in direct patient care. Your IV Solutions RX care team has demonstrated their exemplary patient care skills at some of the nation’s largest hospitals and specialty home infusion companies. They’ve also worked at smaller, regionally focused companies. They’ve worked across all aspects of specialty home infusion as pharmacists, nurses, department managers, senior managers, general managers, and company presidents. Your patient care team brings the benefits of that broad experience to help  work together with your physician and you on a personalized care plan designed to achieve the best possible outcomes.  

How can IV Solutions RX help me manage my patient’s complex condition?

As a physician, you understand that managing your patient’s complex health conditions isn’t just about patients taking the right medication. Complex conditions require combination treatment plans that are tailored specifically for the individual patient as created by you, the physician, and our care team. IV Solutions RX works with your patient’s treatment plan providing advice and assistance, ongoing follow up, support, and consistent, reliable access to their medications. Our goal is to minimize unnecessary administrative tasks and simplify the flow of information among all of us. We’re here to help manage your patient’s condition in concert with you, the prescriber, every step of the way so that patients can reach their optimal health and maximize their quality of life.

What services does IV Solutions RX provide for my patients?

We offer a range of services for your patients including:

  • Comprehensive financial assistance and payment coordination for your patient.
  • Prior Authorization assistance when authorized by you. 
  • Patient education and training on the patient’s medication, its intended use, its benefits, its side effects, its administration, and the proper disposal of medical waste.
  • Individually assigned patient representatives to for your patients. Our team of trained experts is available round the clock to consult and assist with any problems or concerns your patients may have about their medication, treatment plan or other changes in their daily life throughout their treatment. 
  • Free, timely, and compliant medication deliveries directly to your patient.
  • Close monitoring and regular follow-ups with you, the prescribing physician, to help achieve the best possible therapy outcomes. We will tailor our communications processes to meet your needs as a busy physician.
  • Detailed record keeping of the entire process helping to lower your administrative burden.
  • Staff education and training.
  • Provision of all medical devices such as infusion pumps and supplies required to administer your patient’s prescribed therapy.
  • Direct communication with the patient’s insurance company or financial assistance organizations to help minimize whenever possible your patient’s potential financial burdens from their therapy.

How do my patients receive their medications and supplies?

IV Solutions RX delivers medications and supplies straight to your patient’s doors in strict compliance with the medication manufacturer’s shipping safety requirements and our own internal quality controls. From the moment we receive the prescription from you, we obtain all the necessary clinical and financial information and authorizations including Prior Authorizations from your patient’s insurance company, so that your patient can receive their medications as timely and seamlessly as possible. We use national, regional, local, and our own couriers to deliver your patient’s medications directly to them.

How does IV Solutions RX manage patient information?

Patient therapy success is greatly aided by the easy access and flow of information. We utilize a proven online system that provides all the patient information you need to monitor and control your patient’s treatment including patient prescriptions, side effects, problems, concerns, changes in daily routine, circumstances, and more. We ensure this information is always accurate, up-to-date, and maintained in a HIPAA compliant manner.

We are committed to delivering patient’s medication as quickly as possible in order to meet the clinical demands of their condition. We often have to go through a Prior Authorization process with insurance companies that may require certain laboratory and other clinical documentation prior to IV Solutions RX receiving payment authorization to ship your patient’s medication. Once approved, our system allows for quick processing times with guaranteed receipt of prescriptions and immediate auto confirmation from our system. We have an experienced logistics department that expertly uses national, regional, local, and our own courier services to deliver medications and supplies your patients. Our commitment to your patients and you is the delivery of the right medication in the right dose at the right time. Exact delivery times may vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the delivery requirements of the medication itself, authorization processes, and other requirements. We will always let your patient  know the expected delivery time of their medication and supplies.

If my patient has a problem with their medication or treatment plan, can IV Solutions RX help?

Yes, we can. Your patients can call one of our expert clinical pharmacists at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are always available to assist physicians and their patients with any problems or concerns they may have. We will minimize unnecessary calls to you, but on occasion that patient call may require consultation with you, the physician, to discuss how to best resolve your patient’s concern. We are happy to hear from you and welcome your active participation and communication throughout your patient’s treatment.

How long will it take for my patient to receive their medication?

Can IV Solutions RX help with Prior Authorizations?

Yes, we can. With your authorization, we work directly with insurance companies to seek approval for Prior Authorization for your patient’s medication. We manage the process from start to finish including assembly of the labs and clinical data required for approval. Our experience and clinical expertise help us know what’s required for approval. 

How do I place an initial order for my patient’s medication?

Ordering your patient’s initial medication order is as easy as calling one of our pharmacists at 1-844-650-5802 or ordering online using your own EMRs E-Prescribe option (our NPI # is 1528494580), or the FAX option for printed referral forms at 1-844-277-0049, or the online order form. The online order form can be accessed from Home Page of the website ( using the Make a Referral button on the top right. Clicking that button takes you directly to the Online Referral form. Although we hope these forms provide us with all the necessary financial and clinical information, there may be additional information needed that may require a follow phone call to your office from our care team.

How do I reorder my patient’s medications?

Reordering your patient’s medication is as easy as calling one of our pharmacists or patient care coordinator at 1-844-650-5802. 

Can IV Solutions RX help me with my patient’s insurance or financial aid?

Yes, we can. IV Solutions RX coordinates with your patient’s insurance provider on their behalf. If they have a prescription that requires Prior Authorization, we will manage the approval process for them. As you know, Prior Authorization means that the insurance company needs to review the medication information prior to offering coverage. That may require IV Solutions RX and your own physician office to submit certain laboratory results and clinical assessments that appropriately document your patient’s need for the medication.

For patients without insurance or who require other financial assistance, we offer the expertise of our dedicated specialists that work with our network of financial aid assistance organizations, funds, charities, and manufacturer co-pay assistance plans that may be able to provide needed assistance to your patient for their therapy.

What hours are you available if I need to speak with someone? 

Communications is critical when it comes to specialty medications and treatment. We are always glad to hear from you. At IV Solutions RX, there is always someone available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What can I expect from my patient’s nurse?

Your Patient’s Nurse will:

  • thoroughly wash their hands upon arrival
  • explain the patient’s infusion therapy to them
  • check the patient’s Blood Pressure and Temperature every 15 mins in the first hour
  • check the patient’s Blood Pressure and Temperature at every infusion rate change
  • check the patient’s Blood Pressure and Temperature every hour after the first hour
  • not leave the patient alone more than a few minutes
  • not ask the patient to finish their hydration themselves or flush their own line
  • expect the patient to report any issues with their service, integrity is essential to our workforce and nurses will never ask patients to keep a problem to themselves
  • act professionally and knowledgeably 
  • be understanding and compassionate
  • answer your patient’s appropriate questions or find out those answers for them
  • not stick the patient more than 2 times without contacting their supervisor
  • use the pump provided for the infusion if the patient’s infusion requires a pump
  • not brings guests into the patient’s home other than occasionally, with your patient’s permission, a fellow company supervisory employee
  • not run the infusion faster than the rate sheet or the rate indicated by the patient’s symptoms
  • not conduct any other business other than that related to your patient’s home infusion therapy
  • want the patient to tell them how they are feeling